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On 1/20/2021 at 12:48 AM, dms525 said:

I still suspect some connection with Leonardo - maybe just buying feeds? I can tell you that the feel of the Radius1934 is very different from a Leonardo, although I like them both. The Radius1934 feels heavier although it is actually almost exactly the same as a resin MZG, and the shape of the section is very different. The pistons seem similar, but the newer MSG's hold twice the ink as the Radius1934.



By the way, have you noticed that the Radius comes in the exact same boxes that Leonardo uses? The presentation box is the same (black rectangular hinged box with a padded top, a plastic clip inside to hold the pen, hole for the ink bottle, and the interior wrapped with some kind of cloth). The black cardboard outer box is also the same.


Of course Radius could have just sourced the boxes from the same company. But with the same feed, #6 Jowo nib, and the shallow cones at the end of the cap and piston knob, it really does seem like there is some connection between Radius and Leonardo.


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