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TWSBI FINE NIB equals to ?


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Hi guys,

Im getting a new TSBI 580 and would like to know whether the Twsbi Fine is as fine as the Pilot Custom 823 F ?

I actually would prefer the TWSBI nib to be slightly bigger than the Custom 823 in F. I find the Custom 823F to be too fine. And the Montblanc 146 F to be too big... 

Thanks for the help.


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I don't have a Pilot Custom 823, but I'm guessing the 'F' nib on your pen would be similar to the line width on my Pilot Vanishing Point and Custom Heritage 91 pens.  If that's the case I'd say yes, the TWSBI F nib is likely to write a little bit 'broader' (or less fine) than your Pilot: in my (limited) experience, Japanese F nibs are close to 'European' EF nibs, and 'European' F nibs are just a little finer than Japanese 'M' nibs. 


I put 'European' in quotes because the TWSBI is a Taiwanese-made pen, but they source their nibs from JoWo, which is German.  And because Pelikan and Montblanc reputedly write a little broader, even though they're both (originally) also European pens...


My best guess, the TWSBI Diamond 580 F will be right in the ballpark you're looking for!

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I had to go to extra fine to give my TWSBI a similar line width to my Platinum fine nibs. So definitely broader than a standard Japanese fine nib.

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A bit late to this thread, but I wanted to share my recent experiences with two TWSBI fine nibbed purchases. I purchased the Rose Gold II 580 in fine and really enjoyed the writing experience, felt like a mix between the Pilot Metro fine and medium nib, so finer than a Japanese medium. Based on the RG II 580, I then purchased a TWSBI Precision in fine and what I received was more in line with the medium nib my wife has on her TWSBI AL Prussian Blue 580. You would think that two fine nibs leaving the same factory would share the same attributes, but this was not the case. The nib tip is noticeably wider and fatter on the Precision fine. 

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