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Sheaffer squeeze sac filling system

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My wife found an old Sheaffer Skripsert Stylpoint fountain pen that she had used in school several decades ago and that I have now added to my Sheaffer drawer.


I have found that the Skripsert with a Stylpoint were sold in the late 50s and early 60s which would correspond with it's school use. The name on the clip on the cap is spelled Sheaffer'S which also dates the pen as being around the early 60s when they dropped the last 'S.


The filling system comprises a small unenclosed squeeze sac attached to the section that I expect would hold only a small volume of ink compared to the numerous other Sheaffer filling systems. I have not yet tried to fill the pen being unsure as to whether the filling system was both complete and functional.


I have consulted Richard Binder's discussion on filling systems and cannot find any information.


Can anyone help?






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I think Hari317 is right.  I have one of these pens that I that I have had for decades.  It had a sac that appeared to be adhered to the inside rim of the section end, just as that one looks to me to be like.  For a while i worked after I shellacked a sac to the inside rim of the section inside end.  

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Here is a breakdown picture of my imperial 1.


imperial 1.jpg

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Thank you all for correcting my description of the pen and providing the usual high standard of FPN assistance.


It is indeed a Touchdown Imperial 1 although when I compare it to the Skripsert the differences are not readily apparent to the untrained eye. It seems that Skripsert was a cartridge model of almost identical external appearance as the Imperial 1.


Now to try and make it work.

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