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New Pilot Custom 74 Demonstrators

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As the title says, new colours are to be introduced in the Pilot Custom 74 demonstrator line.


Namely Forest Green, Blue Black and Orange Red.


I saw the news on reddit



Pen Gallery from Malaysia has showed a pic and is selling them



I assume these will be available everywhere where the other demos are available (except that maddeningly blue and violet seem to be US exclusives?? WHY???)


It would be nice if more colours were added to the regular 74, the 91, the Elite95s, 742 and 912.

That said, my wallet thinks it's best as it is and I begrudgingly agree.


What would really be super exciting though is if Pilot would introduce their Stub (SU) and Waverly (WA) nibs to the 74 and 91 (pretty please, if anyone from Pilot is reading!).

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These are nice. Glad to see Pilot getting a little more adventurous with their color options. 

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I just saw that Goulet Pens is now listing the Forest Green model. They look really nice. 

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