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New Nakaya Nib Nomination


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Fantastic whichwatch, this is very helpful. The Music nib became a contender again.

It seems as if the BB stub gives a more “stubby” script than the Music. Perhaps not so much in the vertical/horizontal strokes, but in the actual writing. However, I am not sure if I prefer that... The Music nib shows a more “comfortable” flow, and the BBstub more “hard-core” and edgy almost leaning to a cursive-italic font.


Is there perhaps anything you can add to the level of comfort in writing with both? Point is that I have one #6 jowo 1,1mm steel nib in cursive-italic and do not find this easy to write with at all. I have to keep the pen at a lower angle and the nib at the exact flatness on the paper, otherwise it cuts into the paper.


Thanks again for your input.


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I'm probably not the best one to help you with comments on relative comfort of writing.  I don't write extensively, and have so many pens that as I rotate through them none get used frequently.


As a generality, certainly a BB (non stub, italic, or music) is most comfortable to write with.   The rounded tipping makes rotation and angle not so important, but of course the trade-off is lack of line variation.


I believe almost any stub, music, or italic with the more rectangular nib shape gives better line variation but carries risk of being more position dependent,  and the sharper the edges the greater the risk of scratching, catching, and/or tearing. 


If you are determined to buy one Nakaya, perhaps the best approach would be to buy a BB then meet with a nibmeister in person and have the nib ground until you are pleased with the writing characteristics.  


Here in the US, Nakaya charges $100 extra for a music nib, and some nibmeisters prefer not to work on music nibs.  I do not know the situation in your country.  Assuming it is somewhat similar,  in your case that extra cost seems to me to be a bit risky and unwarranted.


If you buy a BB and meet with a nibmeister you can have the pen ground and he/she could prepare the edges in such a way that the inevitable trade-off between line variation, sharpness of line, and ease of writing is optimized for your personal taste, and that could probably be done for a cost less than the additional cost of a music nib.

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Man, every time I see that Music nib, i think, what a thing of beauty. 


One thing that might also come into your decision is that the Music nib on a Nakaya/Platinum uses a distinctly different feed than the BB or B, as seen above. The feed on the Music nib is a two channel feed that is much rounder and doesn't hae the shoulder anchoring points of the BB and B nibs. 

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On 1/13/2021 at 8:28 AM, arcfide said:

   ... every time I see that Music nib, i think, what a thing of beauty. 



A cursive italic grind by John Mottishaw :



Screen Shot 2021-01-17 at 18.07.36.png

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I do have a music nib (with the “elastic” mod) on a dorsal fin II, which I bought in 2019 directly through Nakaya. Maybe that’s a new restriction? I must say, I never felt the DF II body impaired my experience with that nib. On the contrary, the sizier body has a certain sensorial affinity with the relatively larger line the music nib lays on the paper.


It is one of my favorite nibs: very wet and very smooth, with significant line variation. I couldn’t recommend it enough.



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O man.. 

These line variations are more expressive, then I can imagine and definitely then my stubed BB.    

Thank you for sharing.   

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As I have been pondering some more on the question of choice between BB stub and Music, I came to a simple solution: I will ultimately just get them both.


At present I own a M, SM, another M, and B. On the wish is a Neo Standard with a Music nib and a Dorsal Fin II with a BB stub nib. The wish is put into action in the form of questions to my dealer on possibility (DF and Music do not go together, let's hope that NS and Music do...) and delivery time. My plan is NS/Music this year, and DF/BBstub next year. Fingers crossed...

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Very helpful and interesting thread here! I currently have a BB Portable Cigar Yakomakie Bat ground to a Cursive Italic with added flex by nibs.com that’s very wet and smooth and with tons of line variation, and a Soft Medium Decapod Twist. I might get the soft Medium ground to a stub by Mike Masuyama for more line variation as there isn’t much there currently. I have on order a Ryogiri with a B stub ground at the factory that I should have in a month or two. I 100% want to get a Nakaya music nib as well as a BB stub. Matter of fact I might email Nakaya and see if I can get my Ryogiri a BB stub instead of a B stub…

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