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Sizes of DuPont Montparnasse pens


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I am one of the DuPont fans. My pens to date have been D-line, Orpheo, Fidelio, neo-classique. I have just acquired my first Montparnasse, a new old stock LE Rendez-vous Sun. A truly stunning piece of art! I would now like to add another and have been looking at ebay. The size issue confuses me. I know that these pens came in a large size and smaller. On ebay, some pens are designated M1, M2, large, or XL. Is it possible to tell the large size from a photo without having dimension data? I have looked at the reference pages on this site but I could find no information about the various M1, M2, etc designations. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


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Well I just bought another Montparnasse, used, brown lacquer finish. I hope it is the larger of the two available. I will find out soon...not too big of an investment. The Rendez_Vous LE was my first Montparnasse, and I just had to have another for daily carry around use.

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