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Lamy 2000 users, advice for a friend please.


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On 12/21/2020 at 5:13 AM, Beechwood said:


Does the 2000 encourage your hands to slip down the barrel due to lack of grip, does it dry up all too easily?


I love the looks of the Lamy 2000, but it is slippery and makes my hand cramp. It doesn't dry up though.

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On 12/21/2020 at 2:13 AM, Beechwood said:

I am not a Lamy 2000 owner, I haven't even used one. I feel a little guilty because a friend asked, 'I am thinking of buying a Lamy 2000, what do you think'.


My response was something along the lines of I am sure you will like it.


He has now written, and I quote


'I bought a LAMY 2000 last year and quite disappointed with it.

In its defence, I bought the wrong nib - medium when a fine would suit me better but the shape of the barrel and lack of grip make it uncomfortable to use. It's a nice looking pen but often dries up before I get to use it as I prefer to use my cheapo Safari far more.'


Does the 2000 encourage your hands to slip down the barrel due to lack of grip, does it dry up all too easily?


I don't know what ink he is using.


Thank you.

I have no problems writing with my 2000s. I have two F and two M. I wish that the F were B, but my writing preferences used to be a little different. But I'm also the strange person who has no problems writing with the chrome grip on the Studio, so take my opinion lightly. 

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I love my second Lamy 2000 EF and so far, I've not had issues with a slippery section or ink drying out on me. I did have my second one tuned because it was too dry for my liking as opposed to my first one which wrote perfectly out of the box.


That said, your friend might  not be comfortable with the pen based on his grip, or the material at hand.


For example, I love my Pelikan m400s but I find that my writing hand tends to get slightly sweaty after continued use, making it uncomfortable for me. The section also gets in the way of my ring finger. I think it's because of how I grip the pen not the pen itself. That said, I do get sweaty hands with the L2k of mine from time to time but I still love using it. 


The L2K Ef is, if properly tuned writes closer to a F or M on a safari - at least based on my experience. I'll try to post a photo later for reference and edit this post so you can see it. 

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