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Mentmore & Platignum fans!! The early years


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Hi guys!!

As it has been discussed many times on here, about the lack of info on Mentmore (platignum)  in the early years..

Was wondering how many are actually a fan of the brand both lever & button.. talking up to the end of ww2 ish. 


are there any fans of the early brand... 


best wishes 





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I am, yes.

My first school pens were shaefers since that was what the only brand my dad would ever buy. A school mate leant me his pPlatignum with a gold nib and I loved it.


I have a few Platignums and Mentioned pens -- all good writers -- amongst my pens. It is true that they were never top tier pens, and that some were better made than others, but they have always been a personal favourite even in preference to Parker, Waterman, and Mont Blanc.

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15 hours ago, northlodge said:

Include "Spot" pens and then I do have an interest, although they are quite difficult to find.

Well spotted Paul!


One problem with Mentmore is the large number of sub brands they produced during the 1930's. Unlike Conway Stewart it is not easy to identify when Mentmore was the producer of these pens. At least Wyvern used to put W P on their sub brands.s-l1600.jpg


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for you replies,


yes the earlier ones.. ones like these not necessary button fillers...



mentmore 1 dec 2020.jpg

mentmore 2 dec 2020.jpg



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I like Mentmore.  Not so much Platignum.  Early models like those that Peter shows are uncommon now.  I like the Ink-Lock (late thirties) and the wartime Supreme, Diploma and Autoflow.  They're sturdy pens, easily repaired and good writers so long as you don't have to have flex.



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