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OMAS Paragon vs ASC Gladiatore Medio


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Newbie here...

I've been wanting to purchase an arco bronze/brown pen. For my budget I've narrowed it down to either a new ASC Gladiatore Medio or a used OMAS Paragon. 

How do these compare in size? Which one would you recommend?


Thanks in advance!

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I am pretty new to fountain pens as well, so take this for what it is worth. I have 4 OMAS paragons and two ASC Gladiatore Medios. To me they are very different pens. Overall, I like OMAS more. Mine are some of my favorite writers (two are my #1 and #2) and they are a good size though smaller than the ASC. The nibs are very different. My arco verde is soft and my arco bronze is slightly stiff. Though slightly stiff the precision of the line is amazing. I absolutely love writing with it. I've not had them long enough to know about durability. I have run into an issue with my Galileo in that the cap trim is separating. Apparently the pen can gradually shrink over time and create this problem. I also learned on this forum that it is not cost effective to get it fix. 


The ASCs are a perfect size for me. I guess the are considered a moderately large pen. I almost wish the OMAS pens were the size of my ASCs. The 18k fine nib on the ASCs are beautiful to me. Be wary of the ruthenium trim. In my experience, it can wear pretty easily when it's done post production. 


The arco patterns on both are beautiful. 

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