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What did you buy while FPN was offline?

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2 hours ago, seimodern said:

Thanks again for sharing the beautiful pics.... I finally gave in and ordered the leman fp with a broad nib. It is on backorder (Fahrneys) and haven't yet heard how long of a wait there might be. But they were one of the few sites where one could order a B (rather tham F or M). Several sites seemed to sell it as a kit with no indication of the nib size and no mechanism for selecting the size. I love the CdA fine and medium nibs on my other lemans, but I only have one other CdA broad (on an older gold hexagonal model, with the older flat nib). So I am eager to try the B on the newer nibs. Eventually may have to get a BB too... Gourmet Pens posted a great review of a BB leman with CdA infinite grey. I had a lot of grey inks already, but that review convinced me I needed Infinite Grey too, and it surely doesn't disappoint. A mesmerizing blend of greys and greens....like slate or cement but with the promise of other tints on the horizon. Excited to try the Klein blue ink too!

Infinite Grey is very nice. I especially like grey inks and this is one of my favourites. Good luck getting your pen - I hope it doesn’t take too long.


I haven’t tried the Ultramarine ink that came with the pen yet, but all the CdA inks I’ve used so far have been great.


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