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Gold Relief eyedropper info requested

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I was the fortunate winner the recent auction of this pen.  It's BCHR with the inscription R. Esterbrook & Co. "Gold Relief" Fountain Pen. It's in beautiful condition. From Brian Anderson's site I've learned that it was made by De La Rue.


I have three questions regarding this pen.


1. I assume this pen was made in England for the English market. Am I correct?


2. Were these pens ever imported to the US for our market?


3. Also can anyone tell me when these pens were made?


Thanks very much.




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Congrats :)

I'm guessing its the same as a onoto overfeed other than the barrel imprint? with the same shutoff valve system and filling system ?


Due to having a really good and readily available supply of new spare parts you will be able to keep the pen going for the foreseeable future if you decide to write with it.


Congrats again :)  show us a writing example  :) 

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I am inclined to think the pen was US made, specifically for the UK market.


In support of this view, I would point to several early "Relief" pens have been found in the wild (London) by both Wardok and myself, pens that were quite clearly of US origin. (search this forum might still throw up pictures of these)

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