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How Big A Hassle Is It To Swap The Nib/feed In These Calligraphy Pens?

Ink Stained Wretch
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Ink Stained Wretch

I was gifted a Sheaffer No Nonsense calligraphy set some time back. I would really like to swap out the flat, untipped nibs for nibs with tipping material on them.


I've read this posting from Ron Z from some years ago where he says, "re. nib swap. The nib and feed are really tight in these pens, so swapping nib for nib is hard to do." Yeah, they're at least hard to swap. After my experience I'm wondering if it's impossible :wallbash: to get the nib and feed out of one of these things.


I took the largest nib, which I know I would never use, and soaked it in dish detergent for days. Then I screwed the nib/feed/section onto the No Nonsense barrel, got a good grip on the nib/feed with a pair of those spark plug pliers that people sell for pulling nibs and feeds, and I pulled steadily. I really pulled on that thing. I couldn't get it to come out. I then soaked the nib/feed/section in dish detergent solution some more, and put the nib/feed/section into the ultrasonic cleaner while also soaking in that dish detergent and after a few zaps with that I tried again. No go. My question is if the nib and feed are actually glued in to the section or if it just takes a lot of effort to get them out.


Here's the pen and the packaging to show just what this is.




So has anyone ever successfully swapped the nib/feed from one of these pens. Has anyone ever succeeded in getting the nib and feed out of the section in one of these?


I spent some years with a Platignum Silverline fountain pen that had an italic nib, no tipping. So I've had my fill of that. I have some Sheaffer cartridge fountain pen nibs that might fit, and I have some Sheaffer Prelude nibs that might fit the No Nonsense feed and section, and I'd really like to make a sort of frankenpen of the No Nonsense pen with some sort of tipped nib on it.


Thanks for any advice or sharing of experiences with this sort of thing.


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The nib and feed can be a very tight fit. If you try to just grab the nib and feed, and pull them out, you can damage or outright break the feed. It isn't easy to do, but you start by grabbing the nib by the shoulders, and then wiggling it out of the section. With the nib out, the feed is a bit easier to remove, but not always easy as the feed alone can be a very tight fit in the end of the section. Don't use pliers, even section pliers or nib pliers because you can crush the ribs on the feed. Use fingers and one of the rubber grippy pads made out of the rubber mesh drawer/tool box liner. Gentle, persistent patience works best.

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