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Formal Italic And Cursive Italic Handwriting Feedback And Into

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Hey All!

I've lurked for a while and would like to include some examples of writing I have done for your criticism, feedback, comments-- anything. Quotes not credited are always Blake. I have included examples of the word "sharp" that I can live with being online, heh. The other stuff is basically handwriting, but the cropped, blue one beginning "Joy and Woe..." is a sort of sharp, calligraphic cursive italic handwriting I have developed and finally like. To the right, in red, it is rounder, but I tried to obscure as much of that as possible.

I have had a very, very hard time with "o's", but just now am starting to feel a bit more comfortable with 'em. The ascending flourishes on lower case 'L''s (and "h", as in the "sharps"'s) have always eluded me too, so tips on those would be great as well. The final "sharp" is a nib-width or two taller than it should be, in terms of x-height.


Lloyed Reynolds' suggestion to focus on white space has helped immensely lately, especially when trying to keep the slant of "o"'s-- especially (God forbid) consecutive o's.


Thanks for looking all!









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Looks like you are doing really well.

Personal preference, I’m not fond of the long lines coming out of the lower case e. But perhaps that is the style of cursive that I don’t know about.


What pen did you use?

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