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Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Variant Logo?


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Lamy1.jpgPurchased a Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen. As expected there is a Germany 2 stamp on the back of the pocket clip. However, on the side of the pocket clip the Lamy logo was not laser engraved. Instead the letters are raised. Is this an older variant of the logo? A newer one?

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As are mine... :)

Bought a LAMY 2000 with a laser engraved logo, but exchanged it without even inking it because there were many micro-scratches on its nib. The new pen does not have a laser engraved logo. :huh:


I prefer the laser engraved logo. :(


But I've inked this one and it writes well. That's what matters.


I don't have the fortitude to exchange it again. The next one might not have a logo at all. :wacko:


But it doesn't matter because I can't stop writing with this one. :D

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I'm only just beginning to get to know this pen and have only written three pages with it, but I really like it. The balance is perfect when posted, the texture is comfortable, and Makrolon® feels mildly warm while writing... nice. The fine nib writes smoothly with a touch of pleasant feedback. Lamy, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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