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Parker Quink Blue


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Manufacturer: Parker Quink
Series, colour: Blue
Pen: Waterman Hemisphere „F”
Paper: Image Volume (gramatura 80 g / m2)

Flow rate: good
Lubrication: good
Bleed through: unnoticeable
Shading: noticeable
Feathering: unnoticeable
Saturation: good

A drop of ink smeared with a nib

The ink smudged with a cotton pad


Water resistance

Ink drying time

Ink drops on a handkerchief


Sample text in an Image Volume (80 g / m2)

Sample text in an Oxford notebook A5 (90 g / m2)

Sample letters in a Rhodia notebook No 16 (90 g / m2)

Palette of shades




If you have interesting inks and you want to give a sample for testing - welcome.
We can exchange a color sample.


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Thanks for this and your other ink reviews, they are appreciated.

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all the freedom.

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Ah. Quink Blue. Used it at school when I was a kid. For me this is my notion of what blue ink is. I haven’t used it in decades but I can still recall its scent exactly.


Some day, many years after the historic Parker Pen Company has imploded, we will all speak in hushed tones about the fabled Quink Blue - the classic blue ink. Many boutique ink makers will attempt facsimiles but none will be quite right. And some of us will trawl antique stores looking for a rare, new-old-stock, unopened and boxed bottle, which we will store away in a dark cupboard or perhaps auction for hundreds of dollars. Until, eventually, the pen fora denizens will agree that Quink Blue was only a myth - after all, no serious pen maker would call an ink “Quink”, would they?


I really must get a bottle, for old times’ sake.

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I never liked this ink as a child, and it put me off wishy-washy blues for life.

Are you sure it wasn’t the ‘Washable Blue’ Quink that you disliked in your childhood?


I have both inks and, whilst the ‘Washable Blue’ dries to a very pale ‘China Blue’ colour that looks rather ‘washed out’, I find that Quink ‘Blue’ dries to a much more interesting & vibrant colour, one that shades nicely & has a hint of violet.


For an idea of the difference in their colours, see e.g. akszugor’s review of Quink ‘Washable Blue’ here.

Foul in clear conditions, but handsome in the fog.


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I think you may be right... I actually came back to this thread to say as much, having seen some images of washable blue! That ink is much wishy-washier. No wonder I was so taken by Pilot BB when young me swapped to that 😅

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