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Pif For Snail Mail Lovers (Usa Only)

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Love to send and receive mail?

Looking for some new inks and stationery to refresh your mail mojo?


This is for you.


I'll load up a padded USPS priority flat rate envelope with goodies for you. You promise to use them to write notes and letters. Maybe you have regular pen pals or are looking for new ones, are inspired to send thank yous to essential workers, want to write to your elected officials, would like to contribute to a letter writing project (like one of my personal favorites, Moreloveletters.com), etc.


Up for grabs for one winner:


  • 2 Platinum Preppy fountain pens. Both are 0.3 nibs. One will come with a black cartridge. The other has an o-ring and silicon grease on threads to be eye-droppered.
  • 6 autumn-themed ink samples of your choice from the list below.
  • A mix of other goodies: stationery, gel pens, post-its, etc.


To enter:

  • PM me with your full name and US mailing address. I will give you my mailing address.
  • The winner will then mail me a letter and cover postage of the package I'll send you.
  • (Optional) In the letter, include a bit about yourself. How you got into fountain pens and/or letter writing, how you're doing during these COVID days, other hobbies, etc. Doesn't need to be too personal--just a bit of introduction.
  • Include (in your intro PM or in the letter to me) your selection of inks.
  • Once I receive your letter, I will package up the goodies and send them off to you.



Ink options (pick 6):

Diamine Cocoa Shimmer

Diamine Caramel Sparkle*

Diamine Bilberry*

Diamine Red Dragon*

Diamine Deep Dark Orange*

Diamine Pumpkin

Monteverde Joy Sepia

Monteverde Moonstone

Monteverde Purple

Private Reserve Ebony Purple

Pelikan Edelstein Olivine

Taccia Golden Wheat

Noodler's Lexington Grey

Noodler's Old Manhattan Black

*=Currently on order from the UK. Selecting one of these means I won't be able to mail your package until I receive these. Hopefully not too much of a delay here ...

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Update: I received the inks; all of those listed above are available, plus:

Diamine Pansy

Diamine Ancient Copper

Kyo Iro Stone Road of Gion


Winner will be asked to provide $9 (cash, USPS stamps, check, or money order) to cover postage of the package I'll send you.

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