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Noodler's Nib Creeper Fp + Noodler's Bsb


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I think this is a "service" question, but if this is the wrong forum, I'm sure someone will tell me. ;-)


I have a Noodler's Nib Creeper (among the first couple of production runs of it, I think) flex nib pen, which exclusively uses Bay State Blue.


I am aware of all standard caveats about BSB.


This pen writes SUPER dry. Just blotchy ink flow. Even after cleaning (standard soap to water, as well as some bleach and water, since that's a recommended approach for this ink). I've even take a little bit of light brushing to the ebonite feeder, and a bit of careful specific attention to the center feeder channel.


On occasion, after a cleaning, the flow will be pretty good (not great), but if I don't use the pen for a few days (say 5-30), we go back to bad flow.


Most reviews I have read of the ink indicate it is pretty wet in general, so this is all rather confusing/frustrating to have a dry writer with BSB. Especially with Noodler's own pen.


What can I do? What am I missing? (I'd buy a new pen to test, but the ones that won't show BSB staining [dark blues] are sold out at my preferred retailer.)



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Have you tried another ink in the pen? My Noodler's pens were too dry for me and I carved some space in the feeder which made improvements ... but proceed with caution and read up on how others modify a feed.


First, start by testing another ink and telling us how it worked.

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Will do. For the time being, I'm using a slightly worse for wear Jintao Shark for BSB.


Should it be a non-Noodle's ink or another Noodler's, d'ya think?

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