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Caran D'ache Nib Exchange


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I bought a Caran d’Ache Varius Ebony fountain pen in January 2020. I chose an OB nib to bring some variety to my expanding collection (6 fountain pens and 3 ballpoints). However, the OB nib was not what I expected and I hardly ever used the pen.


I therefore decided to do something about it, which means either to have the nib reground or exchanged. First things first, I contacted Caran d’Ache customer service for a nib exchange. I received their answer today. I can send the pen to the factory where the nib will be inspected. If it is found to be in good condition, it will be exchanged free of charge. If it has been damaged, I will be charged 130 CHF for a nib exchange (roughly 130 USD).


I think it is very reasonable and the customer service seems friendly. As I live in Switzerland, sending the pen back to the factory costs practically nothing (roughly 7 CHF). Sending the pen to America to have the nib reground, on the other hand, would be an expensive endeavour. For example, sending it to Mark Bacas (I have already used his services and I can personally recommend), having the nib reground and the pen sent back to me, would cost roughly the same and take way longer.


The goal of this post is not just to tell you about my life and that of my pens, but to provide you with some information regarding Caran d’Ache customer service and the cost of their nib exchange. I found no information about that specific topic on the Internet and thought I would change that. So, if you want to have a Caran d’Ache nib exchanged, you now know how it works and how much it costs.

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Very helpful, thank you!


Would you mind describing your experience of the CdA OB in more detail? (Or do you have a writing sample?)


I bought a 2nd-hand Varius (Metrub) with an OM nib, and found it to be too similar to a regular medium nib.  (There is very little line variation if any).


Although obliques do match my natural pen rotations, I prefer obliques that show more (& ideally, crisper) line variation.


Was your experience of the OB similar to mine of the OM?


thanks again for sharing!



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You're welcome!


I unfortunately do not have any writing sample but can describe my experience with the OB nib. It was broad and smooth and did show some line variation. However, I do not own an italic nib to compare it with and use fine or extra fine nibs most of the time. From the samples I have seen on the Internet, I would agree with you: the line variation was indeed subtle. But, once again, in comparison to the F and EF nibs I usually use, there definitely was some line variation.


I write in cursive most of the time and the oblique nib forced me to hold the pen in an unnatural way. I had to rotate my hand and, if I was not paying enough attention, the nib would break contact with the paper and skip. That was super annoying. I own two CdA nibs and none of them ever skips.


Back to the original topic and before I forget to tell the end of my tale, the nib was found to be in good condition and exchanged free of charge. I received the pen roughly 10 days after sending it to Caran d'Ache and the whole thing cost me 7 CHF. I am therefore very pleased with Caran d'Ache customer service and my limited experience tells me that they stand behind their products (please excuse the hint of chauvinism).


I hope this helps

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I exchanged my an “M” nibbled Classic I bought off eBay for an “EF”. 

Customer services’ communication was superb and simply asked me to cover postage costs. 

I’m sure an email to them will result in a new nib for you. 

Good luck. 


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