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Conway Stewart 100 - Comparisons.


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Having just picked up my grail pen, I was astounded by its size and thought a post such as this would be a useful reference.


Take a look at the comparisons with a green Dinkie 540 (c.1950) and with its larger counterparts, a #77 (c.1958) , #58 (Red Herringbone c.1958 & Silver hatch c.1955) as well as with the c.1940s flat topped #1200 and the mighty Onoto Magna Classic (2019).


The heart-breather nib design suggests my pen is a first edition. The #100 was released to coincide with the Golden Jubilee of Conway Stewart in 1955. Later models featured one band, no bands and a Duro point with a circular breather hole, like the #77 and the Herringbone #58 you see here.


Please add to this post with your own comparisons, if not for the sake of usefulness then do it for the eye-candy!







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Here are a couple of pics of my 100 and my other favorite Conway Stewart, an 85L in what I think is a gorgeous finish (even though the wrapping seam is very visible). The nib on the 100 is a Medium Duro with a heart-shaped hole.





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My first C.S was a rose & gold veined 85L - from there I never looked back! That's a very well preserved example, it brings the 100 back down to earth somehow.


Thanks for sharing!


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