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Girologio 24 Pen Case Vs Galen Leather 20 Pen Case


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Hello everyone!


I am looking at buying a pen case for at least 20 pens. Right now I am looking at either Girologio 24 pen case or Galen Leather 20 pen case. I would like to here you preference between these two brands or any other brands and why you would choose one over the other.


Thank you for your help!

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Right now I am looking at either Girologio 24 pen case or Galen Leather 20 pen case. I would like to here you preference between these two brands

I'm not inclined to buy either of those, but that's not to say I had bad experiences with either brand (or either product) at all; I haven't.


or any other brands

I bought an Aston Leather 20-pen carrying case. Good and robust enough for what it is and what it's supposed to do for me (although I've given it to my wife for her exclusive use now), and I got it at a good price at the time.


and why you would choose one over the other.

I'd base my purchase decision on the "balance" of price and country of origin, with my own subjective weighting. While I can see no clear statement that the Aston Leather case is made in the US, the retailer claims the item is "made from American cowhide leather"; and, even though I don't have any motivation or reason to prefer to "buy American", for the same price or lower I'd choose an American product over functionally equivalent products made in India (e.g. Girologio) or Turkey (e.g. Galen Leather) any day of the week in that tier of manufacturing countries.


If the effective cost of acquisition to me of the Aston Leather product was higher than that of the Galen Leather, then I may have come to a different decision.


My favourite leather cases for pens are still the Visconti Dreamtouch (of which we have three here), then the Sailor 5-pen cases (of which we also have three) and the DiLoro 2-pen cases (of which I must have bought at least sixteen, in a wide variety of colours; we love them for our own use, but they're also great accessories for friends to whom we give pens as presents), but I don't believe any of them make carrying and/or storage cases in the capacity you're after.

I endeavour to be frank and truthful in what I write, show or otherwise present, when I relate my first-hand experiences that are not independently verifiable; and link to third-party content where I can, when I make a claim or refute a statement of fact in a thread. If there is something you can verify for yourself, I entreat you to do so, and judge for yourself what is right, correct for valid. I may be wrong, and my position or say-so is no more authoritative and carries no more weight than anyone else's here.

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I don't have either the cases that you're looking for, BeatlesFan -- the larger leather cases are too pricy for me. I have a bunch of the relatively inexpensive 24 pen cases from Rockler (there's a couple of locations in my area, although the store I used to go to closed and moved further out to less expensive location.

I do have one of the Girilogio 12 pen cases (I got a good price on it from Mario Campo's table at a pen show a couple of years ago) and like it very much.

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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Like Ruth I have a 12 pen Girologio case. Mine is the bomber jacket version. It gets a lot of use. Goulet had a sale on it.


"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind" - Rudyard Kipling
"None of us can have as many virtues as the fountain-pen, or half its cussedness; but we can try." - Mark Twain

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I have a Girologio 24 pen case, a Galen 40 (I think?) pen case and an Aston 6 pen case.


In terms of exterior fit and finish, Aston is easily the nicest followed by Galen. The Girologio case doesn't feel or look as nice which is likely a quality of leather thing. That said, the Galen case isn't the only product I have from Galen, and I find their leather quality to be inconsistent. To echo what A Smug Dill says, origin of material counts and when it comes to leather I often buy from my side of the world as I've been disappointed by Eastern European and some Asian leather products before. There are always exceptions to the rule though. I have an amazingly soft and supple full grain leather notebook cover from China that is certainly a cut above.




What really counts is the inside, and how your pens are protected. I feel that's where Aston really pulls ahead. While I'm not a fan of the rough feeling pen loops in any of these cases, the padding material inside the Aston case is by far the softest and most welcoming. I guess if I was a pen that's where I'd want to nap.


If you're locked into a choice between Girologio and Galen, roll the dice on Galen. But consider Aston as well.

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