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Who would you recommend for nib customization ? Required would be stacking gold nibs, gridding and retipping them ?


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You supply the gold nibs, and I'm certain @Honeybadgers will be happy to give it a go (for a price for his time and effort); and then a professional nibmeister such as Mike Masuyama or Dan Smith — (only) if you aren't happy with the details of the result of @Honeybadger's attempt — can fix it to your specifications.


Or you can just hunt for a used Naginata King Eagle or some such in the market, then send it to a professional nibmeister if you desire further customisation.

I endeavour to be frank and truthful in what I write, show or otherwise present, when I relate my first-hand experiences that are not independently verifiable; and link to third-party content where I can, when I make a claim or refute a statement of fact in a thread. If there is something you can verify for yourself, I entreat you to do so, and judge for yourself what is right, correct for valid. I may be wrong, and my position or say-so is no more authoritative and carries no more weight than anyone else's here.

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Pen Sloth is another person experimenting with stacking nibs. I don't think Ralph at Regalia works on other people's nibs, but I could be wrong.

Vintage. Cursive italic. Iron gall.

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Jim, otherwise known as PenSloth, here.


I won't touch gold nibs. Stacking is my specialty, and I can re-tip. However, my supply of tipping material is very low and it is much more difficult to get now.

Jim Crawford/PenSloth

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After using the fine services of two well known nib-techs (John Mottishaw & Mike Masuyama) in the past, I finally settled on Pendleton Brown's nib modifications.

I've loved to write with every single Butter-Line-Stub he has ever ground for me. The most recent was the stubbing of a Sailor 14c H-B nib. What I received from Pendleton was an approximate 0.4 mm. BLS nib, the narrowest stub I own.

He has worked on two #6 size 18c JoWo nibs in the past & four Kaweco 14c BB, B & M nibs. Excellent communication & at least in my experience, a fast enough work queue. Highly recommended. Fees are competative. (no affiliation).

Edited by tinta

*Sailor 1911S, Black/gold, 14k. 0.8 mm. stub(JM) *1911S blue "Colours", 14k. H-B "M" BLS (PB)

*2 Sailor 1911S Burgundy/gold: 14k. 0.6 mm. "round-nosed" CI (MM) & 14k. 1.1 mm. CI (JM)

*Sailor Pro-Gear Slim Spec. Ed. "Fire",14k. (factory) "H-B"

*Kaweco SPECIAL FP: 14k. "B",-0.6 mm BLS & 14k."M" 0.4 mm. BLS (PB)

*Kaweco Stainless Steel Lilliput, 14k. "M" -0.7 mm.BLS, (PB)




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