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Stipula Etruria Demonstrator Disassembly

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Hi All


Hope you are staying safe with coid19


I inked up my pen and now want to clean and change the ink


The instructiosn dont explain how i (1) remove nib (2) pulloff the whole nib section to clean the barrel. There are no videos on youtube.


Some comments here talk about old and new Stipulas so I am not sure whether to just pull out the nib.


Help appreciated/gary

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Many Stipula pens use a screw-in nib-unit.


However, you should not NEED to remove the nib for cleaning. Just pump a cleaning solution (simple: clean water, drop of Dawn [or equivalent] dish detergent, some ammonia [unless using Iron Gall ink]) back and forth through the pen a few times until it comes out clear, then flush with water.


Recently I've added a final step of filling with water (or water/ammonia mix) and standing the pen (nib down) in a cup with a wad of toilet paper, and letting it suck the liquid out. This is a slower flow than plain flushing and may pick up left-over ink that resists the fast stream from flushing. If the tissue shows a lot of color, repeat with fresh load of liquid and fresh paper.


Of course -- when I clean a pen, it means it is going into storage for some months while a different pen comes out into the working rotation.

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I now realise I should have posted this in the italian pen section.


I want to remove the nib because their is ink near the nib sheath

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Stipula nibs can be easily pulled out together with their feed, although the nib group should be screw in, sometimes however its difficult to unscrew them. In my experience pulling nib and feed out is much easier and really simple, just grip the nib surface with your thumb and the feed bottom with your index finger and pull gently, while you slightly wiggle the pen.

It comes out very smoothly.

Not difficult to put them back in either. Stipula feeds have a dent on one side, just make sure when putting back nib and feed that you let the dent match with the same shape inside the section (easier to do than to describe).


Nonetheless I agree you should not need to disassemble a nib to clean in out, just leave the pen with the nib facing down in a glass of water for a while to get rid of excess ink if you don't want to run the piston up and down too many times, then go back to it sometime later and finish the flushing. Plain water is all you need usually.

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