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Maruzen Pens For The Marunouchi Oazo 10Th Anniversary

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Last year, I was told that Maruzen Marunouchi will have some stuff for the 10th anniversary of the Oazo building where their Marunouchi store is located.

I have no idea if anything has changed due to the pandemic.


It seems that there will be also a Nakaya pen for this event - a LE to this store.


Nakaya published pictures of that pen on their facebook site:



220000 Yen including tax


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Hello mke


From limited information form the web, 2019 was the 15th anniversary year for the Marunouchi Oazo.

Maruzen released limited edition "LEMON" last year.


Here's the web page for the anniversary goods.



You can find the pen at the right side of the second row.


And, I suppose NAKAYA limited edition is not related to the OAZO building.



best regards,




Tor (staying home)

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Thank you.


Strange, we were talking that they are late for the Olympics. It might be possible that Maruzen is 10 years in Oazo????

I don't know.


The lemon is nothing special to Maruzen Marunouchi. It was also sold at Nihombashi.

I don't go to Tokyo soon. So, I think I should send them an email.


Here the Lemon pen advertisement from their 2019 penshow.



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You are correct, "LEMON" is for Maruzen's 150th anniversary. Only 15 pens are sold for OAZO 15th anniversary.


And, according to the Japanese Wiki, Maruzen Marunouchi (oazo) was also from September 2004.

So, 2019 was the 15th anniversary year of Maruzen Marunouchi.


Very strange.




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Thank you.


Just remembered that I sent a mail to some friends after talking to the person from Maruzen: "The shopping mall Oazo has its 15th anniversary in 2020 and Maruzen might bring out an LE honoring that event." sent 2019/7/19


Either I understood wrongly 2020 (which I certainly did not because we were talking about the date would be unfortunately after the Olympics) or the person didn't know that the anniversary is in 2019.


But then why now the Nakaya LE?


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