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3 New Sailor Ink Studio Inks: #224, #252, And #280; Phasing Out #531, #543, And #864

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Sailor's announcement on Instagram, showing the three new multi-hue inks that are intended to show different colors on different paper types:




Using Google Translate:


"What a new color in the 100-color fountain pen ink series!


Three new colors of "Fountain Pen Bottle Ink Ink Studio Dye 20ml" will go on sale on Saturday, August 22, 2020


New colors are "224", "252" and "280". All of these are mysterious color inks whose color changes depending on the paper on which they are written.


Along with this, the three colors of "531", "543", and "864" will be out of the standard, but we are planning to make-to-order sales at the sailor shop (https://sailorshop.jp/). Please wait for a while for this information."


Ink colors #531, #543, and #864 will be phased out.


Based on the comments in the Instagram post, the three paper types shown from top to bottom are: wood-free/high quality paper, bank paper, and "yupo" paper (coated?)

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