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Video: Hongdian Dark Blue Forest

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I picked up all three colors; Blue Forest, Black Forest, and Birch Forest. I went with the extra fine on all three also since I have fairly small handwriting. I haven't spent much time with them yet other than to give them a quick test drive. First impressions are positive. All three were good as is right out the box. No tine alignment or extra smoothing was needed. Across all three pens the EF nibs were very consistent and wrote in a true extra fine. It may be a bit slim for some but I find it to be fine for me. Overall it feels like it is really well made.

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I bought the Blue Forest with the bent nib.

Figured for $14 I might as well try this new writing experience.

Love the pen, love the nib.....

Please note: if you have large hands (I expect hand size helps determine this) you must hold the pen (posted) high up the barrel to take advantage of the bent nib (in order to obtain the angle on the nib for varying line widths).

Thoreau "for every thousand hacking at the branches of evil, there is one chopping at the root"

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A Smug Dill
On 8/4/2020 at 1:36 AM, MadAsAHatter said:

I picked up all three colors; Blue Forest, Black Forest, and Birch Forest.


Now it appears there are five more:



Source: AliExpress


I see them listed on AliExpress as well as Amazon Australia.

I endeavour to be frank and truthful in what I write, show or otherwise present, when I relate my first-hand experiences that are not independently verifiable; and link to third-party content where I can, when I make a claim or refute a statement of fact in a thread. If there is something you can verify for yourself, I entreat you to do so, and judge for yourself what is right, correct for valid. I may be wrong, and my position or say-so is no more authoritative and carries no more weight than anyone else's here.

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Just what I need, to spend more money on pens.  But it wouldn't be right to not complete the collection of colors LOL 😀


At least this way it gives me the chance to try the bent & fine nibs since my others are all EF.

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