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Which Schmidt Fits Retro 51 Tornado ?

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I recently purchased a Retro 51 Deluxe Stealth Tornado Rollerball (the all-black one), which I'm enjoying. The refill says "Retro 51" on it, but is this actually made by Schmidt?


My favorite roller refill is the Schmidt 8127 Long Capless Rollerball Refill in medium, blue, but that won't fit in this pen. Is there a substantially similar Schmidt that will fit the Volcano?







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Schimdt is a very big refill company, producing refill for pretty much all major company out there. I think you are looking for Schmidt P8126/7 (F/M), the one that I currently have in my Karas EDK V1. I have also a Schmidt 8127 in rOtring Jazz RB and that it is longer than P8126.



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I have a Retro 51 rollerball in which I keep a red ink refill. I don't use red ink often enough to want to keep it in a fountain pen, although I use them for most other things.


Looking inside that pen just now, I find that it has a Schmidt P 8126 refill. So I think you'd be safe with that, and of course it's not just available in red. Going to the Jet Pens site, (disclaimers, not affiliated, link is for information but I have bought from them) and looking at the recommended refills for these pens confirms this. It will also take Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 ballpoint refills and a number of other refills with the Parker ballpoint form, even though the end caps on those are a quite different shape from the Schmidt/Retro 51 rollerball refills.

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