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Help With Mabie Todd And Waterman

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I stopped at a local store today and found a couple used pens for sale. I was told that the owner of the store (who was not present) had serviced all of the pens that are for sale and that they all work. Since I am so new to this, I didn't even know what to look for or ask. They did let me dip the nibs in some ink and write a couple words with it. The Mabie Todd has a flexible stub nib. I couldn't read the information on the nib without a loop. But can anyone tell me anything about this pen? They had a price tag on it for $100. And the engraving said Patent Jan19 1915. They let me take this photo of it. And of course, I can go back with my loop to get a better look. It seemed to write okay and had a fairly flexible nib.


The other was a Waterman 52V? Again, I could not read the engraving on the pen or nib without a loop, but I did take a photo? The Waterman nib was quite fine and very flexible. They were asking $100 for this pen also.


I plan on going back. How are these prices if the pens are in good working condition, and the nibs in good shape? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.


Waterman 52V.jpg

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They're so beautiful! Wow!

I would certainly consider buying either of these pens for that price, but I am also inexperienced in vintage pens of this type.

I too am interested what the more veteran members of this forum have to say about these two pens. I know it will be worth reading/paying attention to. We have a lot of experienced and helpful members here at FPN.

Does anyone have a spare moment to give us some of your wisdom? :D

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Those are good prices for restored pens of those brands with flexible nibs (flexible stubs are quite desirable, in fact).

If you dont want that ringtop, perhaps you can furnish me with the phone number of that shop.

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