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Arco Plastic Resin...

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For me, the new materials evoke more the vintage striated celluloids used by Montblanc and a few others more so than arco.

I wonder fi this is not the first step towards a new arco? There is a thick layer and a thin layer and, if you could just make the thick one thinner, you'd be most of the way there. As much as I would like to see a "new generation" arco in acrylic, I feel like Leonardo is intentionally staying away from the classic celluloids on purpose. I picked up the Blue Sorrento and I swear that, if they wanted to, they could make a pretty spot on Impero replica but have seemingly chosen not to. I think that may be the case here as well. It is close to arco, but intentionally not arco.

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The Tredici is very nice as well.


I don't have a Leonardo yet, but I very much appreciate what they are doing. Both refining current models (like upgrading the MZ grande with an in-house piston), innovating on materials (like the Cuspide and the Jonathan Brooks LE), maintaining a relatively affordable (how much do the regular MZ's go for), and so on and on. They are pushing the market further, which I like.



The Tredici by the way reminds me of the (old style) Paragon, with the facets and the section. If they produce this as a regular model with MZ like resins, they could hit the jackpots once again

It does slightly, but the step down barrel to section is more evident and that is a design feature that can cause me not to purchase a pen...

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