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Will A Montblanc 146 Nib Fit This Pen:

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Hey everyone, happy Friday!


simple question today, will a MB 146 nib fit the Bock housing in this pen: https://www.schondsgn.com/collections/fountain-pens/products/fountain-pens


I am selling a nib of mine that I have in a Bock (250?) housing, the housing that fits a Conid Minimalistica or Regular. I am by no means an expert in anything Montblanc, or Bock, so I am just looking for some assistance here.


thank you in advance, and info helps.


have yourselves a great weekend!

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A keen observation...


Yeah, there definitely is a relation between the two posts. It turns out the nib’s shoulders are not actually touching the inside of the cap. Tested it a handful of times using the coating of the inner cap method. No scraping, which is good. It’s actually the Bock housing which is grinding against the stopper in the cap when I fully cap the pen. So all my paranoia was for nothing.


The whole ordeal meant I had my Conid fitted with the 146 nib for a week, and it just felt so impractical. I kept needing a finer line and have since switched back to my Sailor Medium.


It’s a real shame. The nib is a beauty, and the grind is exquisite. I suppose I love thick wet nibs in theory, but not in practice. Rather than put the nib back in a box, I opted to sell it. Hoping someone gets some real use out of it.



Is there a relationship between sentence one and sentence two?



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If money is no object, you can get Flexnibfactory to make a Bock nib housing that can fit an MB nib. He said he does make custom housings.

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