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Montblanc Limited Edition Price List When Released


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Dear friends,



I've recently got attracted by Montblanc limited edition pens, like the PoA and Writers Edition.


I can easily find their list according to their release year, and current trading price on Ebay.


But I'm interested in making some chart including their prices when they were originally released. Especially, I want to compare their prices when released with the price of plain Montblanc 149 at that time.


I can find some on Ebay if the outer box includes a price tag. For example, I can find Hemingway was $600 on this listing on Ebay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Montblanc-Writers-Edition-Hemingway-Fountain-Pen-Brand-New-In-Box-SEALED/233642242043?hash=item366629affb:g:Va0AAOSw3nNew~V7), but it looks like Montblanc had quitted to write the price on the outer box quite a while ago.


Could you let me know if there's any resource or assorted table that I can find their release price?



Thank you in advance.

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I‘ve posted a few price lists but those are from the 80s.


Also I know the original price tag of the Hemingway was 950 DM (Deutsche Mark) in 1992.


Catalogues and magazins from that time are the best resource. No easily available complete list is known to me.


But you could start one here ;-)





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I have some recently obtained a mass of    'point of sale'   items that may assist you in your project. Please get in touch if you need specific info.



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