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Addipoint-Like Wasp Vacuum-Fil


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My question is: Where does this pen fit in the Sheaffer realm of sub-brands? It's a Wasp Vacuum-Fil with an Addipoint screw-on nib. Is its run concurrent with that of the Addipoints? Or does it start before, during or after?0003-min.JPG

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Could this pen's barrel have been incorrectly imprinted? Is it really an Addipoint?

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Vacuum-Fil predates addipoint. I'm working on an article for the Pennant on the key sub-brand. Addipoint came in the 1950's, I think. Vacuum-Fil was last used May 1936.


Roger W.

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What seems to me to suggest something more than a common Frankenpen, one put together from different pens outside the factory, is the fact that the interior of the pen's barrel where the Addipoint section screws in had to be threaded. What individual would go to the trouble of having that done to a Vacuum-Fil in order to accept an Addipoint nib? The pen itself would hardly seem to justify the expense, and the inexpensive steel Addipoint nib certainly not!

I'd appreciate any insight anyone is willing to share. I'm almost certain the pen came from Sheaffer in this configuration. One explanation would be that either the barrel was mistakenly imprinted as a Vacuum-Fil, or that a Vacuum-Fil barrel was inadvertently threaded to accept the Addipoint section. In the latter case, I'm assuming that the inner diameter of a Vacuum-Fil barrel is the same as an Addipoint barrel.


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I wouldn't be surprised if the addipoint unit wasn't the same size as the Vacuum-Fil. Pens are made in a relatively tight size range which is why you often find different companies hodge podged together.


Roger W.

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