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Can Anyone Tell Me About The Wyvern 690?

Brontosaurus Pluto

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My father just got me a Wyvern 690! Im stoked cause I love Wyverns but I cant find any info on this Model. Can anyone tell me about it?






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Greetings, and congratulations on your 690…

There's not a lot of detail out there regarding the 690s.

Lambrou doesn't mention it specifically in either FPOW or FPV&M.

Steve Hull [English Fountain Pen Industry 1875-1975] has published the most comprehensive breakdown of Wyvern models and he says the 690 was "available" in 1951, along with the 630 and the 660. It resembles them in that all three feel like a relaunch of the pre-WWII mid-range models, the 80, 81, 82, and 84… But the 690's clip also looks ahead to the last [1952+] generation of Wyverns [the Pixie, Prefect, Envoy, Consul, Ambassador, and De Luxe] in that, like them, the clip is tapered and has a central rib; but the 690 lacks the Wyvern logo at the head of the clip which adorns the 1952 cohort.

There's a Chinese collector's account of the 690 on:


which can be translated at:


The Chinese blogger dates it to 1948 without giving a source for this date; that's not incompatible with Hull's "available" in 1951, but needs verification before one can rely on the earlier dating.

That's about all I have on the 690 – I'd say they're comparatively uncommon, relative to the 60C and the 404. Mine is a very dark reddish brown, virtually black; and the band is losing its gold trim, a failing of late Wyverns…

Good to hear that there's another Wyvern-hunter out there. I'm spasmodically researching them – I have a collection of around 80 – so don't hesitate to ask further or share what you've discovered yourself…

Best wishes
Roger [Lester Pendragon]

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Seemed like a pun just waiting to be dropped, Eachan.

[i'm glad you were sharp enough to hear it]


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