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Moonman (M8) Nib Swap

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We know now that the nib of the Moonman M8 is not well manufactured.

Discussion about this.

Has anybody tried to replace the nib?


Are Moonman nibs friction fit?


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I believe that has a nib unit that is removable, looks like the standard moonman #6 nib unit. Easy to buy replacements for. I had the opposite problem, it is a fine that wrote very wet for me, more like a medium. This was on the m600s.


The #6 nib unit takes a jinhao #6 nib very easily, I have used that but it writes more like a M/B then, too big for my tastes. For whatever reason the listing with several options for the nib unit is down, here is one for just the nib, look at Bobby's store.


Also yes they are friction fit nibs into the nib unit.


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Thank you.

If it takes a Jinhao #6, then it should also take a Jowo #6 - have you tried this too?

With Jowo, I know exactly what I want, which is EF.

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Thank you.

If it takes a Jinhao #6, then it should also take a Jowo #6 - have you tried this too?

With Jowo, I know exactly what I want, which is EF.

Indeed it does, I just now put a goulet jowo nib in and it fits well, looser than the jowo fits in the nib unit for the jinhao it came from, where in the jinhao it felt like quite a bit of force was needed to get it in there. In the moonman nib it is a snug fit but not too tight, just about as tight as the original nib. Edited by linkoiram
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Jowo nibs didn't fit well in my 600s and c1. Not sure why, I think it was too tight and the ink flow was poor. I went back to using the moonman nib.

Interesting. Ymmv I guess, I didn't test the nib but it fit well enough without forcing it for me.

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while they are similar, the usual German no.6 had a different wing and tail profile, making them not really a good fit , though it can somehow manage to be seated .. I had been swapping in some of the Fulin Calligraphy 35 sized ( aka no.6 ) and some vintage 80;s / 90's Golden Star nib of same sizing and they fit well , the Hero 35mm also fit OK , its a bit tight, but the PenBBS nib and the Lorelei ( ver 3.0 ) nib also fits. The funny thing is I try some Bock nibs and despite all suppose to be same size , some Bock will fit, some just will not and its not like they are different material either ... all Steel I am talking . had no idea why .. next I got to try some Gold nib and Titanium , just for experiment

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Even though I "fixed" the M8 nib's ink flow issues it now has way too narrow of a sweet spot for any kind of practical use. I got tired of it and swapped the nib out. I can confirm that a Jinhao #6 nib, a Bock #6 and a Conklin branded Jowo #6 all fit with no issues. They all work with the original Moonman feed. I tried a Monteverde branded Jowo but it didn't fit, I think the plating is too thick. That nib doesn't fit in anything but the housing it originally came in so that one is probably an outlier. And the nib/feed are typical friction fit.

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I have been making some tests on #6 nibs on some of my ebonite pens and the finding is that beside the 6mm diameter which determines the nib "size" the thickness of the nib also plays a part, and some nibs feel very tight, others loose, some just will not stay put.

Jinhaos tend to be wide, so they force the 6mm diameter a bit, Jowo and Bock are usually medium tight, some other tested nibs are very loose, such as a Delta, an Arcora, an Omas. (the pen was a Ranga).

I don't own a M800. On an M600, Jinhao nibs fit ok (Moonman actual provides them if you ask for an M instead of the Moonman F), I have not actually tried Jowos or Bocks, but I expect they should fit in diameter. The nib shoulders may also influence fit, so in some cases you may not be able to push them in with the feed tight enough.

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I put a two-tone Edison #6 EF nib in my M8 yesterday and it fit in the Moonman housing with the Moonman feed no problems. Of the nibs I've tried, I've liked this one the best so far. It has the flow and smoothness that I prefer. I think I'm sticking with the Edison in the M8 and calling it a day.

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I had put the pen in storage for nearly a year now but decided today that it was time to solve the problem.

I just had a Jowo #6EF lying around, so I swapped it in. Absolutely no problem with the fit*. And no ink-flow problems anymore.

Thank you for all your answers.


As I find EF a bit broad, I need to order one in XXF - for a better fit, it will be either fully or 2-tone gold-plated.


* edit: I have the feeling the Jowo is a tiny bit thinner than the Moonman nib. I will also check some other nibs if they fit bitter. But still it is possible to write with the inserted Jowo.




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