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Mb 333 1/2 Feed Shape And Dimensions?


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I recently picked up a 333 1/2 for less than usual, knowing there would be issues.


The body, section, and cap all look fantastic. The nib will need a little attention, but is salvageable and incredibly flexible.


But the feed is clearly not original and undersized.


I have the equipment and ebonite rod stock to create a new one, but I don't have any idea what the upper part (underside of the nib) looks like.

All I can find is images of the underside of the feed.


If anyone has any pix of one 't would be deeply appreciated. Dimensions would be even more appreciated.





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Thank you so much kind sir!!


That's very helpful, and very different from how I would have imagined it.


I'll post a picture of the work once it's done.

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