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Non-Invasive Optical Micro-Identification Of Ink Verification In Pen Ink Handwriting


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I've no idea what I've just read but I'm glad it exists.

I love this level of nerdery.

Thank you.

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For example, some especially important signatures on a contract which were suspected of having been altered without the knowledge of one of the parties cause legal dispute. Therefore, determining which of the ink lines was made last [11,12] may help in solving the dispute as a recurrent matter in many police investigations and in courts.


Just from the opening paragraph -- "which of the ink lines" -- I suspect the forensics is focused on Chinese logographs, in which one could possibly add a stroke or two and completely change a "signature" (or maybe draw the figure in a different stroke order than normal -- whereas occidental signatures tend to be left-to-right, no actual variation in stroke order or additions)


Still need to read the full article (surprised that the full article was available as a PDF).

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