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Need Help With Platignum Silverline


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I just purchased 2 Platignum Silverline pens off the internet. Both are in excellent shape. One pen has a broad italic, and the other one has an oblique italic for a left hand people. They both work fine. I am absolutely impressed by the broad italic and how well it writes, and the beautiful Thick and thins it produces. My question concerns whether the nibs can be removed. It almost appears that these nibs are permanently attached to the pen. I have tried to unscrew the nibs, But I have not been able to get them out. I am not using very much strength because I dont want to break anything. Can anyone tell me if these particular pens have removable nibs, or are the nibs meant to be permanently attached? I would like to search for some other nibs to use with these pens, But maybe that is not possible. Im including a couple photos.



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Okay, I’ll continue to work on it then, as long as I know they should come out. Thanks.

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