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While stumbling upon Aliexpress, found this Jinhao model: Jinhao 75










The pens look quite like Parker Sonnet / Baoer 388.


I LOVE my Baoer 388, but never liked the golden colors on the barrel and nib.I tried to remove them with metal polish, nib got succeeded but I couldn't succeed on barrel and cap.


And I LOVE the black / chrome color, and the checkered pattern is quite interesting.


I wanted to buy this pen, however, it's a bit pricey ($7ish in Aliexpress each, comparing to Baoer 388, which is $2ish), and I couldn't find any decent reviews.



This is the only review I could find, but it's in Chinese, and can't understand a word.


So I wanted to ask to you guys, have you guys bought this pen? If so, how do you feel about this pen?

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Pretty pen, I like it with the black clip shown in the top photo but don't think I'd like the red band. eBay has the plain silver one listed for around $15 as "Jinhao Silver Metal Fountain pen."

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I love both models pictured at the top of the post.


I adore, red, white, and black. I adore them even more in combination with each other. These two pens tick all the boxes.


Sighh ... I really really don't need more pens.

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Just found out there's also an iced blue / silver version, looks quite nice!






Also, found out that this is heavily is based on Parker 75:



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I've accumulated six of these in the past year (glossy black; gold "cisele"; silver "cisele" without red band), and they've been consistently excellent.

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Just received mine. 2x matte black ones with black nib, and one checkered pattern. Took 5 days to be delivered from China to Turkey, and 3-4 days between the customs to my local post office.


Comparing to Baoer 388, the pens feel a little bit lighter, and Baoer 388's snapping feels more secure, but they are a joy to write with. They have black standard Jinhao F nibs. My only concern is that, since they are from the same seller. One of the black pens have "genuine iridium" graving on the nib instead of a Jinhao brand and logo, but all is well.


Using with Noodler's black. Wetness is so-so, like all Chinese pens that I own, but I'm sure it'll get better the more I write.


No promises, but I'll try to post photos soon.

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Here you go, also sorry, I suck at taking photos :(


The top one is Baoer 388, for the comparison:




The right one is Baoer 388, as a referrence, Baoer is a little big longer:




The checkered pattern looks and feels awesome!




The nibs, checkered one has a chrome colored nib, matte black has a black nib. Neither of them are in steel color:




The nibs don't have flexibility, and almost have same thickness as Baoer 388, so this is the pen I wish Baoer 388 had a variation of.

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I love my Parker 75 Cisele, and find that the Baoer 388 is a very good pen (mine is blue striped) but is more Sonnet like.

I think I will skip these.

The other good take at the Sonnet is the Kaigelu 382, IMO.

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