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Where Is Waterman South Seas Blue?


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After a long absence, I have returned to using my fountain pen ink again. Breaking out my drawer full of fountain pen ink cartridges, I began using my favorite color, Waterman South Seas Blue. But when I went to purchase more of it, I can't find it. Did they discontinue it (God forbid) or simply rename it?


Thanks, inky friends, in advance.

Current favorite pen: Montblanc 144 Meisterstuck purchased at Art Brown in 1984. After 25 years, every part has been replaced except the nib. Still a gorgeous writing instrument, rock-solid reliable, gives me hours of pleasure to use.

Current favorite ink: PR Supershow Blue

Current favorite paper: Kokuyo Ice notepads from Japan

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What was supposed to be South Seas turned out to be Aral Sea, has dried out but still Inspires with the blue colour :)

Honestly, I cannot get why the rubber maker changed the names, they used to be great.

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Well, I have no experience with the old Waterman Blue-Black. But Mysterious Blue is an apt name -- depending on the pen and paper, I've seen it look teal blue, teal-y blue-black, and green (I had people at my local pen club CONVINCED it was green ink, and I was going "Nope -- I know what's in this pen, and it's WMB....."

Ruth Morrisson aka inkstainedruth

"It's very nice, but frankly, when I signed that list for a P-51, what I had in mind was a fountain pen."

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Waterman Inspired Blue is not the same as Waterman’s South Sea Blue. The former leans bluer, whereas the latter leans greener. 


Waterman Mysterious Blue is also reformulated. It is bluer, reminiscent of the 1950’s Waterman’s Permanent Blue Black ink, which is slightly lighter with lighter shading. 

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I remember watching Brian Goulet's video when the inks changed names and remember him saying that Waterman confirmed they were the same inks but had all been renamed and relabelled. No idea what happened after that.

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All I have is South Seas Blue, so can't compare. I'm hit or miss on teal-leaning blues, so haven't been tempted to buy a more recent bottle.


Blue-Black(Mysterious Blue) has been documented to have some changes over the years. It's been speculated for a while that Waterman and Quink Blue-Black are the same ink, and my bottles of both last year seem to agree with that. Both are a denim blue that's green tinged. This formula changed 2-3 years ago from what I can find, but both inks changed at the same time.


Can I just say too that I hate the new Waterman names? I still have a lot of old-named bottles, and tend to still use the older names.

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I have seen some vintage on eBay. Also I do believe that Waterman should keep their names simple just like Parker: is blue, blue black or black or...you get my point. Saludos!






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