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What's Your Favorite Vintage Esterbrook Nib?


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It is recommended to clean a NOS nib prior to the first use, to help clean off any leftover manufacturing residue .

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I think you need to resize your avatar, Gary.  The sunglasses have disappeared.

Baptiste knew how to make a short job long

For love of it. And yet not waste time either.

Robert Frost

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Thanks for advice on cleaning 🙂

But how do you do the clean ?

I really like the 2556. I like firm

9556 i have 2 but medium is better

for just fun. i just got the 9460 cause it looked very firm.  i will clean this Gweimer1.


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You can flush the nib with an ear wax bulb.  Just be sure to hold on to the end so  you don't shoot the nib out the end.


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