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The Meisterstück 149 Calligraphy Appreciation Thread

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6 minutes ago, invisuu said:


I wrote to them and they were very helpful and told me to send the pen back so they can service it. Their opinion was that the ink must have, for some reason, chemically bonded with the piston lubricant....

@invisuu That's good to hear! I had gotten all worked up about it for nothing 😀, never mind. As to my problem, it's just a converter so I took one out of another pen and used it. But it left me a negative impression of vendor's customer service attention. For now I want to forget about it and look forward to receiving the ebonite feed from flexiblenib.com to see if it can help with the flow. Enjoy your MB 149C!

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10 hours ago, invisuu said:


And for sense of completeness - after my ink window was stained by Montblanc Permant Blue - I decided to fill the pen up with permanent blue again anyway - I mean what harm does it cause, the window is stained and I love the ink, right? I left the ink in for like a week and when I flushed the pen, the ink window was completely transparent again.


I have no idea how this happened and why, but it did.

I am so glad to know that the staining of your Calligraphy window had a unexpected self-solution! Even though you have shown to be wise enough to accept the staining as a “collateral effect” of using one of your preferred inks, it is good that you can now use your pen as pristine as she came from the factory!

Have a good writing, Frank.

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On 9/12/2021 at 2:07 PM, como said:

@Frank C I'll let you know how it works out once I receive the feeds. By the way the slits look (especially 3-slit feed), they should be able to deliver generous ink flow. Will have to see how much line width is sacrifice, if any, due to ink flow increase. Thanks again for the great suggestion! 


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@fpupulin Sorry for the terrible photo, very bad evening indoor lighting etc. So I continue here:


I explored a few options for a grind suitable for Spencerian script:


1. The nibs.com has several options there. They ranked from most favourable base nib to the least (still suitable) https://www.nibs.com/content/spencerian-customization-fountain-pens Here you get a complete pen. Some more beautiful base pens (Montegrappa Miya, Nakaya) are quite expensive of course.


2. Several pen/nib specialists offer a Needle Point/Flex grind, which I imagine should be suitable for Spencerian. 


http://www.indy-pen-dance.com/jowo-flex-nib.html Quick to sell out. I asked if I could pre-order one but didn't get an answer. This could be good if one has a Jowo compatible pen. About a little below $300 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFrEpngaQN4&t=468s



This, once you add regrind and flex and ebonite feed, will also go to €250 range just for the nib.


3. Some nibmeisters are willing to do the Spencerian grind with your own nib. I didn't seriously inquire.


I don't want to go down the rabbit hole of hunting for the "best Spencerian" nib/pen, and spend too much money experimenting with different grinds. We already have an excellent pen here, the MB 149 Calligraphy. With the right inks it's quite suitable for Spencerian. As you said, Calligraphy is not perfect. But it's the closest I see in modern flex pens that near perfection in one package (the aesthetic, engineering, nib performance, paper options all considered). 


P.S. The above note was written on Tomoe River 52gsm, with Montblanc Oyster Grey. You see, I didn't dare to erase the guiding lines, for fear that the paper would wrinkle, as it's very thin paper. 


I will keep you posted once the ebonite feeds arrive!

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On 9/15/2021 at 5:06 AM, fpupulin said:

Meanwhile, and taking advantage of the great virtues of flexibility of the Calligraphy nib, I prepared third version  of "The sense of Calligraphy", using more engrossed strokes in the Copperplate text (more Percossi's than Mediavilla's style). I probably like the version more because of the "evidence" of the script.


I also added a few flourishings on the upper part of the sheet, to visually fill the empty areas aside the title.


Here is the result:




And here is a shot of my desk with all three versions of the work, taken with a new wide-angle lens I bought for my Hasselblad camera:




Wow!  That's really, really good.  Inspiring. :notworthy1:

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