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What Happened To The Montblanc Calligraphy Red Ink?


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Does anyone know what happened to the Montblanc Calligraphy ink - red version? I've seen a few photos. I've seen listings at stores that were then taken down. I've seen no writing samples, no one saying they have purchased it. Was this ink ever actually released? Does it exist?

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Just seen pictures of it. Never seen it available for purchase online or offline. I guess there must have been quality issues. Don't see any other reason for it having been taken down.





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Thanks so much, Tom! Your writing samples are always both helpful & gorgeous. I really appreciate you taking the time to write them out & then share!


I so want this ink!

I have three of the elixir parfumeur inks (tobacco/orange/vetiver) and think this ink would make a wonderful addition. My favorite so far is the vetiver (for scent) & tobacco/wood (for color). But I am a fan of reds and pinks so can easily imagine this would become my favorite.


Am I able to order this in the US? Or is this for Asian markets only?

If the latter, can anyone recommend a reliable online seller in that market who can sell to US addresses?






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