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Help Identifying Two Chinese Brands Of Dip Pens

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I'm trying to catalogue my collection of dip pens and I'm having problems with some Chinese pens. There are two brands that use only Chinese writing and, although I have been trying to identify the brands drawing the characters in Google translator, it's been to no avail.

The imprints for the first brand can be read relatively clearly. My closest identification is 灯告; it does look similar but no exactly and, anyway, I'm in no position to verify if it's correct or no as my knowledge of Chinese is almost non-existent.



The second brand is more difficult to read and I haven't been able to figure out which characters may be there.



Any help to identify one manufacturer or another will be extremely welcome. Thanks in advance!

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the 2 gold finished one are 燈塔 ( meaning Lighthouse ) , a Shanghai based brand under the manufacture 上海不锈钢材料厂, later transferred / restructured to be under 上海筆尖廠 , the last one ( chrome ) is from 前門 , a Beijing based brand and named after a district locale of the city under the collective 北京东华门公社文教用品厂 which specialize in stationary supplies and defunct now ..


The Lighthouse 426 correspond to a Copperplate / G nib configuration and the 100 is suppose to be penmanship practice ( student use ) nibs , actually I seldom seen them in this finish .. the are usually raw steel

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Wow, Mech-for-i, I can't stress enough how thankful I am for this!! :) :) :)

This is much better that I thought, I was just hoping for the reading of the imprints, but all this information is super helpful, thanks again.


Indeed, I have seen models similar to the 426 sold in comic sets as a 'Soft G nib'. The 100 is similar in shape to the Gillott's 1950 so I thought it was intended to be a drawing nib, but having a turned-up point it actually makes sense to use it for writing. The other one has the shape of a Platinoid/Platernal/Iridinoid 777. Here are the full nibs in case you find the pics useful.



About the golden finish, I have the same models in raw steel as well, but the imprint is generally lighter and I wanted the pics to be legible. These are at least 15/20 years old, as they come from a gift I received back then (and I'm assuming that they weren't bought as vintage, but I can't know for sure).

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