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My favorite pen made in India is the Airmail 67T. I plan on collecting more Airmail/Wality pens. I have noticed in my research that the names of the pens contain a letter code. The question is, what to the letters stand for? So far this is what I have been able to determine:


A = Acrylic
B = Bold (?)
C = ?
E = Ebonite
J = Jumbo
L = Long
M = Medium
P = Piston
S = ?
T = Transparent
Any corrections or additions would be welcome. For example. Not sure if I have the "B" code correct. What would the word bold refer to in a fountain pen?
In any case, thanks in advance for any assistance.
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Interesting topic.


Sometimes the letters have to be read together. For example 69EB EB indicates Ebonite.

The model 71JB has to be seen in context of its evolution.


71J is the Plain marbled one with wide cap band. Bars type ink view window


71JT is marbled cap with transparent acrylic barrel.


71JB is non marbled. Solid color cap barrel. Special cap and barrel finials. And etched design cap band. Initially it was released only in black. Perhaps the B alludes to that.


S is small. Eg 69TS


G is GOLD. Eg. 69LGM.


D indicates design on cap. Eg 77PD.


R indicates regular (ED). Used on models available as piston as well. Eg 77RD.




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Dip n Scratch

Can't get anything from India at present. I was considering the colour variants of 69A, such as yellow/green because I already have a blue/white.

As if one really needs an excuse to buy another one of these pens.....

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