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I don't know why, but thread about my mobile application "My fountain pens" was deleted. Let's try again:

This app lets you manage your fountain pen collection. Data fields: Manufacturer, Model, Color, Filling system, Year of production, Pen length, Nib material, Nib size, Nib stroke, Personal rating, Description, Notes, Images, buy & sell info: name, date, price, notes

Mandatory fields for pen data: manufacturer, model and filling system. Everything else is up to you.

Make backup (XLSX format) and share file via Dropbox, Google drive... Use Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers to edit backup file, then import backup data on one or several devices.

You can find app here (Android) and here (iPhone):


http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/V1_2_pen_list.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5503_new1.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5504_new2.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5505_new3.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/5506_new4.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/V1_2_settings.png http://www.lvbsx.com/Download/MFP/www/backup.png

Last version: V1.2. What's new?

* thumbnail picture of your pen in the main pen list

* follow pen-related YouTube channels: you can make your YT channels list.


* import data from Jonro's Fountain Pen Database

Thread about Jonro's FPD is here:


Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Disclaimer: I am the author of “My Fountain Pens” application.

Very important: you can disable ads: Settings -> Support Us -> Disable Google AdMob (free of charge)



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Time for new version:



  • GUI changes:



  • Pen list: search your list:



  • Price drops @ Amazon.com (more coming soon)




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I've been using your app since shortly after you originally released it. Very straight forward and easy to use, I definitely like it and would recommend others to try it out.

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It's time to implement ink data and I need your help with data fields:

- Manufacturer
- ink name
- color description
- package (bottle, cartridge)
- Notes
If you have anything else to add, please give me some feedback.
Thank you,
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Characteristics like sheen, shading, glitter?

Dry vs wet?



The type of ink like dye based, pigment based, iron gall.


Is it water/chemical resistant? yes or no


Thank you for your inputs and thoughts, homework in progress:



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Version 1.4 is finished: What's new:


- Ink data (including notes, dry/wet, waterproof, shading, saturation, ...)
- "Currently Inked With..." in the pen list (filter: "Show inked pens only")
- "Previously Inked With..." in pen details page


Some pictures:






That's it, more or less. If you have any request, comment or idea please do not hesitate to drop a line or two here. Thank you for your comments, support and app ratings on PlayStore / AppStore.







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