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I am collecting, restoring and photographing pens since a couple of years now. I always wanted to create my own site or blog. But I'm rather the pen nerd than the computer nerd, so this project never happend...


Then, I discovered FPN. Since 2008 I am an active member of this board. I posted my pictures, my collection and my experiences with fountain pens here. I found a lot of friends from all over the world and lots of pens as well.


Sometimes, people ask me about my older threads and I have serious problems in finding and remembering them. That's why I thought it may be a cool idea to start an endless thread unter the title "what's up at christof's" or "what's new at christof's". Because I never will post a topic without at least one picture (this is a promise) the thread is located here at "picures and pen photography".


Your comments will be very welcome.




1. lustiger Wal




My first picture is just a quick doodle I've done, to test the fine nib of a Pelikan 100N. I do test-write all my pens after I restored them.

When my oldest son was 6 years old, he was very fond of water animals, especially whales. I often had to sketch whales and fishes for his pleasure. That's why I still am quite practiced in sketching theese. Often when I am doodling around with a new pen, I end up with some whales, like this.


So, let's see what's next.[/

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I see your artistic ability isn't limited to photography. :thumbup:


I look forward to what's "next", as I'm sure it will be interesting.

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Very cool idea, christof! I like it. Great photo -- and sketch (and pen!). Looking forward to more!


etherX in To Miasto

Fleekair <--French accent.

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Pictures and pens, great idea! I'm curious, what's next! Your vintage pens are always looking like brand-new, very nice. Thank's for sharing.

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I also look forward to what's next, Christof. :thumbup:

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." -- A. Einstein

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Sounds like a damn fine idea to me, and now that this thread is in 'My content' I hope not to miss anything.

Sincerely, beak.


God does not work in mysterious ways – he works in ways that are indistinguishable from his non-existence.

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This is a neat idea. Any prizes for guessing the correct color of that Pelikan?


No, this would be to easy for the people here. Of course it's pink, matching to the crocs! ...oh sorry, I forgot that you don't wanted them.

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This is a neat idea. Any prizes for guessing the correct color of that Pelikan?


No, this would be to easy for the people here. Of course it's pink, matching to the crocs! ...oh sorry, I forgot that you don't wanted them.

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Okay, here we go again with a different topic. I call it:


2. Evolution of Parker “51“


As already said, I am a big Parker fan. Specially of the Parker “51“ wich is in my opinion one of the coolest pens ever made. Recently, I was able to aquire one of the late models also known as mkIII. This has closed the missing link in my Parker “51“ timeline. (...at least in my opinion. Please let me know if not…)

Here’s the picture:




The first one is a dove gray Vacumatic with double jewel and lined sterling cap. Nope, this is not a first year pen. Date code: 1946. This pen came from a change trade with Mauricio Aguiliar. (Thanks Mauricio.)

Second is a black one with single jewel with steel cap. Date code: 1946. One of my best writing pens and permanent in rotation.

Third one is a cordovan transition model with vac filler but arrow clip. Date code: 1948. This pen is in near mint condition and I have also a matching pencil.

The Fourth is a correct “first year“ aeromertric. Transparente lucite connector, (intact!) sterling breather tube and screwed aluminum sac guard. Date code 1948. This pen has a customized cap surface. And the barrel is heavily discolored.The Fifth is an as mint cocoa wich also came from Mauricio.(Gracias de nuevo!). Note the shorter clip . Date code: none

The sixt is the mentioned mkIII in black. No date code. This pen is very similarly shaped as the Parker 61. Same cap but metal jewel.


Of course I have many other P”51”, but theese I like most of them all. I also like it to show developments in design. That’s why I always am trying to compose the single pens to meaningful groups on my pictures. Hope you like this too!


Let's see what's next...

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There has been started an interesting discussion about the date of production of the single jewel vacs. Because of some comments, I added some informations to my timeline.



And here's the link to the discussion: Link


Well, sometimes FPN can be a minefield... So let's leave this topic and see what's next.

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...and next is:


3. Fleamarket time


As some of you may know, am I a passionated flea market hunter. I seldom miss one in my area. And Saturday was flea market day! I was able to pick up a lot of pens n'pencils. Have a look your self:




The first one is a quite uncommon Waterman's piston filler. I was told that theese pens were only made for the Swiss market. But even in Switzerland you don't see them often. This is the second I've seen ever. The pen is very reliable designed and of comfortable size. Fitted with a nice flexible keyhole nib (not sure if original) it will be a nice writer, once when restored. Looking forward...


Second is a unknown Wahl Eversharp lever filler. Looks like a low-cost-Doric to me. But the marbled celluloid is great. I love the fresh green veins in this mixture!


Third is a Waterman's glass cartridge filler - complete with cartridge. The pen is marked made in U.S.A.


Fourth is a very very well kept Montblanc 332. With very crisp imprints and a smooth flexible OB/OBB nib.


Fifth is a Waterman's Patrician pencil in onyx and red hard rubber.


Sixth is a nice little Parker from depression aera. Don't know the exact model. Any help? This mahogany celluloid is just marvellous!


Seventh is a German Mercedes safty filler. Completely made of hard rubber. Fitted with a "warranted" nib (not sure if original but possible.) Seems that I have to learn now, how to fix theese.


And the last is a Pelikan 140. You know that.



So there's a lot of work to do in the future and probably you will find the one and other of theese in the classifieds one day. Hopefully I'll find the time to do some pics and show them here. But, let's see what's next...




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Maybe we should do a thread entitled "What's up at Franklin-Christoph's"


Nah that's be too confusing. Good photographs Christof !


of course you're welcome to join this thread! This would be really confusing... :)

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Great thread, Christof!! :thumbup:


Excellent pictures and pens. Looking forward to more of them.

"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." - Groucho Marx

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4. my „military pen“


I have been asked several times, wich pen I use as my daily writer. Usually, this is not an easy question to answer for me because this changes daily. As part of the hobby, I do restore all my pens by myself. Of course I test write all the restored pens as well. So I always have several pens inked and carrying with me to test. Well, there are someones wich I have inked the most time because I like them most. One of them is a Parker „51“, another one is a Parker Duofold Special, an Aurora 88 is there as well and of course there is a Pelikan 100. Theese pens have been inked for several years but at least one.

Recently, I recognised that there is one pen wich never has left the rotation since it has been bought. It has been flushed, customized, but never went out of weekly use. It’s my Black Lamy SAFARI.

I bought this pen several years ago, probably almost twenty years, when I served in the army. I was an M113 driver and had sometimes lots of time for sleeping, reading and sketching between and during the operations. Unfortunately I lost most of my sketches during the time. But I found theese two in an old sketch book among the kids stuff.




The coloration came many years later and has been done by one of my sons. Nicely done isn’t it ?


That this pen has seen heavy use can also be seen here, in comparison to a mint and unused one. The matte surface has gone in the most areas…



All in all this really is a resistant and robust pen. I hope it will serve for many years more. Of course I am a big fan of the Safari and have also a handful of mint and unused ones in my collection, wich are no longer in production, except the charcoal.


The terrared and savannagreen pens are quite sought after today, but charcoal is still my favourite color. Hope you liked this and will see what’s next…...



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Such a great thread!

From the Whale > your finds puddle.gif > your service Lamy > drawings : )

The only mark I see is on the clip. Absolutely the reason I still have my first red Safari as an everyday writer.

Note, I initially tossed it aside as ho-hum, but needed a pen for class notes. I gave it a good cleaning, (not done upon receipt), Red Safari settled in, and was unbelievably reliable, quick restarts after pauses to listen. It became my go-to pen when my new job required an hour of daily reports. Busily traveling the community everyday, Red suffered all sort of abuse. Just once did the cap come off, but that was my failure.

Red is My version of Your Charcoal, just had to sing its praises in response : ) to your wonderful story.


Safari is the only pen that I decided to complete as a set.

So far:

Black Clips:

Red wub.gif





Red Clips:


Light Blue

Chrome Clips:










I don't anticipate ever finding Savannah/Terracotta, but do hope to find an Alpen, Flame, Orange.

which adds a touch of happy anticipation each day cool.gif

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This is a wonderful thread. You are a very talented individual. The sketches are fantastic. i just knew your favorite pen would be black!!

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