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The G In Osmia Fountain Pens

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I will begin by admitting my ignorance of Osmia specifics, but offer the tentative suggestion that it may indicate a gold nib, as it does with Kaweco?





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I think the "G" stands for "glatt", indicating a smooth, polished surface in contrast to a guilloche one. I'm not really aware of pre-war Osmias with original steel nibs and the 44 is a pre-war model if I'm not mistaken. If your question is about a specific pen, it would be helpful if you could post pictures here.


Ralf's comment is correct for some post-war models, namely the Progress 55/66/77, which came as "S" with steel nib and as "G" with gold nib. (Not to be mixed up with the pre-war Progress models, which were completely different pens)

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Congratulations, this looks like an excellent example. Second half of 1930s should be right, original supra nib, presumably in Fine and the barrel is not guilloched as expected. My 44, an earlier version from the beginning of the 1930s, is one of my favourite writers.

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