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Venvstas Magna Titanium Edition, Review

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Thank you for your view, and yes, we offered that, never mind who's the vendor the aftermarket is always responsibility of the brand, besides vendors come and go, we have to take the responsibility for the product and customer satisfaction.
If a pen is bought in our site a customer has two weeks for giving back the product without saying why, for retailers, this has to do with their country, policies or state, but overall, we offer that. Never happens.

The pen can be loaded also at 90°. In the videos we used the pot we used as it was easy to see the pen in an action, we also did not wanted to use an ink pot from another brand as it was planned the introduction of a line of inks.
Later this year we will finally introduce them, so videos with our ink pots will be available, not to mention that the design we have for the pot, is on the narrow side....

Going to the reviews, we got contacted by the reviewer several times to send him one of our pens. And we made him wait a year for it, It seems he likes it, no doubt. We get contacts from youtubers all the time. David does what he does out of passion and reviewing is his hobby not a way of life. We like his honest and straight forward approach, not to mention that, from all of the reviewers that we got to see, he's the one that is offering a good quality video, etc. Some youtubers are charging for this, believe it or not, or are endorsed by retailers or brands, which makes clear they won't be fair.

In general we decline tons of offers from reviewers and we do not endorse any of them.

This year we'll introduce some new models, including a CC Magna version and an all new pen part of a new line that will feature a piston, carbon fiber finish and ink window....also a line of ballpoints.

Finally the Magna 14k gold version is back in stock, nibs made in house.


Thank you!






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