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What Does Engraved Number On Snorkel Mean?

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Just thought I would chime in. In my collection I have a pastel green Sentinel with a medium 14k nib, and it has an 1127 above the imprint. I checked the rest of my many snorks and no others have the engraved numerals like this one. Would love to know exactly what they mean... 


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Hmmm . . . there's another 1127 on the list already. Posted September 28. Said to be a burgundy Valiant.

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On 9/28/2020 at 4:07 PM, HDoug said:

By the way, my 1127 is a Valiant. Why would some Burgundy Valiants have a number and some not? What is the meaning of life and why is the sky blue?

"...and why is the sky blue?"

Much easier to answer than the mysterious, engraved Sheaffer numbers...scattered short-wavelength light!

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