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Review Of Penn State Industries 3-In-1 Display, Carry & Storage Case For 60 Pens

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This is an initial review of a 60-pen storage case, named "3 in 1 Pen Display, Carry and Storage Case" (the "Case"), manufactured (I think) and sold by Penn State Industries ("PSI").  I have no affiliation with PSI or its owners or employees and have only purchased this and some other pen storage boxes in the past.  This one I received last week, so this is an early review.  


I thought this Case would be worth a review, as, if it works as designed, it may provide a convenient way to display pens at pen shows; it displays pens at an angle, rather than flat, and "protects" the pens (from, e.g., quick theft) with an see-through acrylic cover that must be lifted to get access to the pens.


The exterior dimensions of the Case are 17" x 15.5" x 4.25" -- in metric, approximately 43.19 x 39.37 x 10.80 cm.


Here are photos I took of the case standing and laying flat.  



PSI - closed case standing up.jpeg


PSI - closed case sitting.jpeg



In the website's description of the Case, PSI incorrectly describes it as holding 64 pens -- 32 pens in each of two sections.  In fact, when one counts the foam inserts' pen spaces, there are two sections that have space for 30 pens each, for a total of 60.  Here is a photo of one of the two identical foam inserts.

PSI - foam insert empty.jpeg
See my next post for more.  
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This is a photo of the contents of the opened Case.  On the upper right, upper left, and center are black foam squares to protect each layer, on the very bottom, between the lower and upper pen-holding sections, and on top of the upper section.  On the lower left and right are the two 30-pen sections that hold the pens.  Each has a transparent-to-translucent acrylic lid to protect the pens to be placed in the foam inserts underneath.  It would have been better if the lid were fully transparent to assist display without lifting the lid; the way it is, one gets security at the cost of clear visibility.  On each section are two straps with snap buttons to keep the acrylic lids in place when that is desired.



PSI - case opened 04.jpeg



This photo shows that each pen-holding section in the raised position with acrylic covers closed.  I happen to show them in opposite directions within the Case, but one can do whatever one wants, and the back of each section sports a part that keeps the sections raised up; that part works in a manner similar to the back of many table-top photo frames.  If you look at this photo carefully, you can see a portion of the black part that raises each section.


PSI - case opened 05.jpeg


Here's a closeup of the front of one of the two pen-holding sections, raised with the acrylic lid in place and snap-buttoned closed.  And, one can see what I mean by transparent-translucent in reference to the lid; it's an in-between situation here.


PSI - case opened 06.jpeg


With the lids lifted up and back, one sees the two 30-pen foam holders within the holding sections.  In that position, the lid itself can angle the holder upwards, supplementing the back-side part.  Again, one doesn't have to use the Case to hold the two pen holders in display position.  I just happened to do that here.


PSI - case opened 07.jpeg


I'm showing here the pen-holders in raised position with the lid in the process of being raised.  Of course, the two snap buttons on each lid first are opened before lifting the lid.  


PSI - case opened 08.jpeg


Stay tuned for the next post, which shows some pens in the foam holders and discusses what does and doesn't fit.

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The acrylic sheets are provided with a stick plastic covering to prevent scratches during machining... it you would look at the edges you might be able to remove the translucent protective cover for scratch free transparent lids...

Excuse me for the break in your posts...

Good day

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The pens shown here to test the foam holder are, in the first photo from L to R and in the second photo from top to bottom: 

Pelikan 1000 Demonstrator

Visconti Opera (Black)

Noodlers Triple-Tail Demonstrator

Penlux Masterpiece Grand Daybreak (Red) FP

TWSBI Vac 700 (Amber Brown)

Bexley FP (Yellow)

Parker VP (Red w/ GF cap)


PSI - foam insert with some pens 01.jpeg


PSI - foam insert with some pens 02.jpeg


The Parker fits with some room to spare both lengthwise and widthwise.  But the wider pens don't fit properly, especially when the lid is closed.  With the lid closed, one could position pens with the clips sideways.  I tried that, but doing so increases the width profile of the pen within each foam opening, so still more pens would not fit well.  Yes, the foam has some give, but the real issue is the inadequate depth of the foam pen inserts.  I wonder whether had the Case been a bit larger or, in the alternative, had each foam section been deeper and held 24 (rather than 30) pens (for a total of 48 for the entire Case), these problems would have been solved.  


The lid, when closed, actually touches the pens and in some cases presses on them, even if one positions the pens sideways.  A very bad situation.  So, the lack of foam depth and the closeness of the lid to the foam sections, are problems.  If one creates too much room between the lid and the pens, I fear that under carry conditions, the pens would come loose from their shallow foam inserts.  So deeper foam would be preferred to an increase in the space between the lid and the pens in the foam.  Perhaps PSI should try a bit of both, but that requires a larger Case.


It seems that medium-to-small pens that are of average width will fit well.  If one uses only those pens with the Case, then the Case will work fine for display, storage, and carry.  But these limiting conditions make this Case's practical use less than was hoped when I made the purchase.  I'll keep the Case, though.


The Case costs $99.95 plus shipping.  For my location, shipping costs $8.95, so my all-in cost was $108.90.


I read the reviews of this Case on the PSI site for this Case.  50 % of the reviews were 5-Star, and 50 % lower.  When folks complain in giving 3 or less stars, they talk about in less detail what I've mentioned, or about the lack of durability of the Case in regular use.


I hope this review is helpful to those potentially considering this Case or who are looking for the best storage, carry, and display solutions for their pens, such as at pen shows.



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The acrylic sheets are provided with a stick plastic covering to prevent scratches during machining... it you would look at the edges you might be able to remove the translucent protective cover for scratch free transparent lids...

Excuse me for the break in your posts...

Good day

Good point, and I don't mind at all. For those who are handy, your proposal is great. I'm not that handy or motivated. :happyberet:

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The acrylic sheets are provided with a stick plastic covering to prevent scratches during machining... it you would look at the edges you might be able to remove the translucent protective cover for scratch free transparent lids...

Excuse me for the break in your posts...

Good day

I just re-read vikrmbedi's suggestion. There were no instructions with the box, so I had assumed that the acrylic covers just naturally had the logos on them. In fact, the logo-repeated covers of the two boxes is covered with a removable film, and I just removed them. The film removes entirely, except around the fittings where removal is not very neat. However, the acrylic remains a combination of translucent-transparent, as shown in my photos in this topic.

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