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'new And Improved' Penbbs 355


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Hi, I just noticed on Beini's etsy site that there is a 'new and improved; version of the 355 bulk-filler in some colorways. Anybody have an idea about what is different and what issue it addresses? I held back from the original bulkfiller due to mixed reviews on ease of use and opted instead for several of 456s and 500s and now a 492 as well (all brilliant). Might pick up one this time.




Also to those who have a 355 - is it very difficult ascertain whether one got a good fill if one has a opaque resin body? - for example, I thought an opaque body will be less than ideal in a 500 due to the new system; but I took the chance on an autumn and it has not been a problem.

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Looks like it has a closer locking mechanism for the piston rod to the conid bulkfiller than it had before, where it snapped into place.


The problem with the old one was that it was sometimes hard to unscrew the rod from the piston once retracted, as the piston was snapped into the back but could still rotate a bit if it was tight.


This looks to alleviate that.


As for filling, there's no vacuum or anything. As long as the section stays submerged in the ink, you'll get an absurdly large fill with a single draw. No guesswork.

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